Texas Horned Lizard ROUND UP!!

Today we held a Horny Toad roundup! (if you want to annoy a Texas Horned Lizard biologist, call them horny toads... works every time) We got about 20 volunteers to sweep an area of habitat that is going to be developed in two months. The goal was to collect as many of the lizards as we could so we could relocate them to a new home. Too bad we only found one new lizard. :( However, we did find box turtles, snakes, and a legless lizard! Check out all these pics:

Ray explains to the crowd what's going on.

Form a line!!! Its like we're on a military base or something...


* Source: The horned lizard picture was taken by Ben Goodwyn and found at http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:TexasHornedLizard.jpg

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socorro zebal said...

Hey Andon,
Your Abuelito or Grandfaher has done the burning for years after they harvest the wheat, to kill the pest. Isn't that cool?