Saving the rainforest through sustainable forest products!

I don't normally post articles, but this one was so perfect that its hard to resist. It provides an overview of many different ways to make money off of a forest without logging, and evaluates the economic opportunities associated with each one.

Check it out here.


Tala Woodward said...

I can't believe I didn't think to tell you to add this before when you posted your list - the harvesting of tropical fish! i did a whole freaking thesis about it! in a lot of places (think peruvian amazon), the aquarium fish industry is a HUGE incentive to not destroy rainforest ecosystems - the fish are a high value item reliant on good water quality

ANDON said...

cool tala! Thanks for the idea, I would have never thought about it because I thought that only happened in the Pacific Island region... Also, you did a thesis on that??? I'd like to see it, email it to me sometime.