Semana Santa

The reason for the particular timing of my trip to Mexico was so I could arrive in time for Holy Week (the week before Easter for those of us that are going to Hell). In Sonora, Semana Santa is prty much beach week, and many of my family members and friends would be in Huatabampito, a beautiful, unknown beach right next to Huatabampo, where my mom grew up. We set up a tent in front of the house of a friend played in the sand and the warm (for me) water, and even saw some dolphins swim by.

The pictures show what words can only say:

We set up our tent in the middle of the night, but it was alright cuz Romualdo and I are pro.

Romualdo looking very pensive in the tent, with Millie and her brother Eduardo (on her butt).

My first nephew (Alex) after I buried him and drew his body. He's 4 years old and adorable!

Primita Julia (my little cousin Julia). Shes always like this.

Julia and Milly are vegetarians, so I taught them an old trick from my hippie friends: wrap some onions and potatoes up in foil and throw them in the fire.

A whole bunch of cousins and some friends. From left to right: Milly, Alex, Romualdo, Julia, Eduardo and Julia's friends Gaby and Mayra.

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