Aserradero de Chunhuhub

On the way back from the woods tour in Santa Maria, we headed over to Chunhuhub to see where much of the wood from the ejidos ends up. You might want to turn down the volume on this one:

Afterwards, Alfredo asked me what I thought of the place, and I wasn't sure whether to talk about the brilliant eficiency of the place or the fact that this was a brilliantly eficient way to destroy forests. Turns out, he was thinking along equally negative lines:

"Yeah, its good that these people have work, but only one person is really
winning here."

I have a tendency for social issue blindnes, so that really woke me up.


*Note: Alfredo is the one in the blue shirt with the ghost hand.


Marie Sansone said...

Hello Andron,

Much admire the work that you are doing, and nominated your blog for the "Kreativ Blogger Award" on my blog at


I am Admina said...

Have i mentioned how awesome you are for taking this initiative? This kind of first-hand research is vibrant and vital for enacting social and environmental change. Thank you for doing it.