Food Independence

Its monday, but I wasn't able to work today. More on that later. I did manage to make it out to Cecilio Yam Can's land and talk to him about the food he grows for his family. The most exceptional part about it is that its completely unexceptional. So check out the interview (in Spanish) and let me know what you think:

If it seems like I'm leading him to say particular things, thats because I am. I don't think he had ever been interviewed before, and it felt like he wasn't sure what to say and was trying to say what he I wanted him to say.

I can say that we had pretty much the same conversation as we were walking around before the interview, although it was much less awkward since there were no cameras involved. Needless to say I need to work on my interviewing techniques.


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pregnancy said...

I liked the Article on Food independence. I Hope everybody can have food independence that he can grow the food on his land for his family.