Invasion of the Trees!

Justin and I finished the "Phase 1" Wetland design, meaning the stuff that we can get and plant this summer. We're currently in the "red tape" stage, with forms moving through the proper channels and all that. So, maybe we'll get those plants ordered at some point this week.

The main problem with planting things in the summer is that you don't really get any rain, so you have to irrigate, which is not only lame and unnatural but also costly and time-consuming. Keeping that in mind, we're only planting things that actually go in the water this summer. The rest of the plan will be implemented without us during the fall and spring planting seasons coming up. I've been pretty impressed with John's willingness to let us design the whole thing, and though he has helped us and provided his input and experience, it really is our project. He's even thinking of letting us name it! However, we've been having trouble creating a name that either captures both our names (Jandon Pond? Andstin Pond?) or where we come from (Michigan-Virginia Pond? MIVA Pond? Northerner Pond?). All horrid names I know. If you have an idea, please help! Of course, we could just end up calling it Intern Pond.

With the prairie seeding done and the wetland project close to it, today we started on a new project: tagging the invasive trees in the wooded part of the Urban Greenway. Man it was thick! The forest is rather young, so its very hard to move through. When I say its very hard to move through, I mean its durn-near impenetrable and full of poison ivy. Thankfully, I happen to be immune to poison ivy for the moment, although every time you're exposed gets you closer to becoming allergic. Justin hasnt tested his reaction and I don't think he intends to. I'm definitely wearing a long sleeve shirt and gloves tomorrow, and Justin's gonna have to at least wear pants! That is, rather than shorts, of course...

Anyway the project is actually a redo of some tags that were done a while back, where some Virginia Tech folk (yeah hokies!) came out and tagged the lacebark elm and other invasive trees that were growing on the woodland. That was a year and a half ago, and since then the paint has worn off and the trees have grown taller and procreated. So, we're retagging them and hopefully they'll get pulled out either this summer or this fall. I still wish there was something we could think of to do with all that wood, though. Anyway, Gore just endorsed Obama, so thats about all I can handle for today! Goodnight!

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