The Question

So for the past year or so, I've been thinking constantly about the answer to a single question. I came up with several ideas on my own, then began asking the people around me for their ideas. Although some people thought it was weird when I pulled out a notebook to write their ideas down, ultimately I've come up with a pretty decent list of answers. The question is:

How can one make money off of a forest without killing it?

To explain a bit, when I say "forest", I mean it in a broad sense, including forests here in the US as well as rainforests in Latin America and other types of forests across the world. When I say make "money off of", I mean using either the forest's resources or simply using the fact that the forest is beautiful to start and operate a business. Finally, when I say "without killing it", I mean without completely clear-cutting all the trees. There's definitely a range of acceptable disturbance from doing things like giving tours to cutting mountain biking trails into the forest.

The list is in no particular order, and includes ideas that range from the whimsical (Treehouse Village!) and hippieish (Alternative Medicine Retreat) to the recreational (Camping) and outdoorsman-like (hunting). Basically anything you can think of is a good idea, so please add to the list by commenting, ask me questions about the list or the question, and start thinking about this as you go on about your day!

Ways to make money from a forest w/out killing it:

Horseback rides
Frisbee Golf Course
Lacrosse - Originally played in the woods!!!!
Apple orchards
Pumpkin Patch
Workshops, education, classes
Timber, then plant product plants
Alternative Medicine Retreat
Mountain Bikers
Treehouse Village
Gnarled root woodcarvings
Talk to Villagers, see what skills they have already
Native Stories
Ropes course
Insect Collecting
Ginseng or other valuable plants
Baby Groves/ Weddings, etc
Burials (w/ headstones)
Pay me internships
Camping (limited)
Click to Donate/Advertising on website
Hunting (Limited)
-Hay marsh (Pheasant hunting) -$12 per bird in scratch hunts
-deer preserve (white tail)
-Hunting Club - $200,000 per year sometimes
-Dog Training - people training bird dogs
-Bird Dogs - renting them out
-Scratch hunts
Hunting Products
-Pro Shop (Hunting Accessories)
-Products made from animals killed
-Taxidermy, deer mounting, etc.
-Feather Products
Small amphitheater
Craft classes w/ forest products (sell products in store)
Field Trips
Zip Lines!
Canopy walks
Paintball? Or maybe lazer tag!
Carbon Neutralization
Nature Videos
Nature Photography
Nature Video/Photography Classes!
Summer Camps
Day Camps
Flowers/Flower Pickin'
Berries/Berry Pickin'
Conservation Easements
Eco-Lodge - Combining all of the above?

Lets make this list huge and all encompassing! :)

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anayram said...

I cannot think of something else right now... probably wild animal parks?