Curtis Buchanan: Chairmaker

Sustainable forestry doesn't have to be all about high tech science, carbon credits or certified forests. Sometimes, all it takes to use a forest sustainably is the ability to make a really awesome, valuable product out of a small amount of wood. Today, I visited a man who knows how to get the most value out of the little material he uses. His name is Curtis Buchanan, and in an unassuming, quiet little workshop behind his house he makes Windsor chairs.

When he's not making chairs, Curtis also happens to run the first certified organic Christmas tree farm in the US, Glen Ayre Tree Farm (here's another article with a picture).

He also happens to be one of the founding members of Greenwood. Started by a group of artisan woodworkers from the US, Greenwood helps people use their forests sustainably by teaching them the skills they need to turn wood into furniture, guitar necks, and other high value products. Sounds right up my alley, right? That's why Curtis gave me info for two of the other founding members, ans why I'm going to try really hard to see parts of their operation.

So why does Curtis do all of this? Lets ask him:


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