Terrible Nature Videos: Part 2

The other day, I was hiking up Cave Springs trail in Big Stone Gap, Virginia. The area will soon become a nationally recognized and protected Wilderness area, and its easy to see why. The place is gorgeous!

As I was walkng I kept seeing interesting things on the forest floor. If you've ever walked in the woods (or anywhere really) with me, you'll notice that I tend to constantly stop and look at cool plants, sometimes at the expense of timeliness.

Imagine this post as a long walk in the woods with me.

(My first comment here refers to the previous post... sorry for the self reference!)


Tyto Alba said...

Andon!!! Estos videos me han encantado, comence viendo uno y termine viendolos todos!! Aprendi par de cosas, en serio!! Super cool Andon, keep going!

Un abrazo,

ANDON said...

Eyyyy Cielito, gracias! Te extranyo mucho!