Being snubbed is no problem, part 1

Andrea and I went on a little adventure round the Island of Cozumel today. The original plan was to hop onto one of Julio's company's tours.

The company, Sunshine tours, started out as an offshoot of the car rental company Julio was working at. After years of renting Jeeps to touring companies Julio and his boss realized they could run the tours themselves, guarantee themselvesa rental, and be more efficient than a traditional touring company since they had their own supply of Jeeps. Julio, who says he knew nothing about tours, was put in charge, and they soon expanded into mini-jeeps tours, horseback tours, even segway tours! Because of their origins, all of their tours continue to be vehicle based, but Julio says they're starting to get into snorkeling and scuba tours as well.

Anyway we tried to hop onto this jeep tour, and made it all the way to the Massive rental house before the agent who had arranged the tour said something to the effect of "Who are they??" Obviously, this was to be a private tour.

Thinking on his feet, our tour operator told her "Oh, they're just helping us move the jeeps." A few minutes later we were on our way out with Julio who had followed the jeep caravan to make sure everything was ok. As we followed the long, forested driveway out of the enclave, Julio promised us he'd get us a jeep to tool around in.

We picked up the Jeep, headed to Punta Sur (which is where the tour was going) and were soon right behind them at the crocodile pier. Punta Sur is supposed to be an ecological reserve, but Andrea thinks there's far too much tourism for it to legitimately claim that title. "They're making decisions based on tourist money," she says. If only she could see our National Parks!

After the crocodile observatory and some really cool ruins we headed to the light house. Andrea's very afraid of heights, so I went up the tightly spiraling staircase alone to an expansive view of the Island. The thing that surprised me the most was that I couldn't see the other end of the Island. I know Cozumel is one of the biggest Islands in the country, yet I still expected it to look like an Island rather than a long stip of vegetation stretching off into the horizon. In fact, the view was so big, it didn't seem to fit into my camera. After pushing a few buttons I pushed a few too many, and promptly deleted all new pictures! So you better enjoy this view (click on the image to see it full sized), cuz it cost me a lot:

You may have noticed the lack of original pictures and video in the last few posts... this is why :(


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socorro zebal said...

Amazing, I haven't been in that part of Mexico, just beautiful...