El Continente

I left The Island today and headed into what the people of Cozumel call "The Continent." I've been in contact with John Curtis, who's been living in Felipe Carillo Puerto and working on some sort of wood-based project. My instruccions were to go to "Terminal Numero 2" and take the bus from there. Its a 12 block hike to the terminal, and with a full backpack and full sun it was quite a trip. When I got there, they sold me tickets ($8 for a 2.5 hour trip) but told me the princess was in another castle. I had to go all the way back to Terminal Numero 1, which is right next to the ferry! Just another day in Mexico lol.

But I made it, and the bus s fine, although it smells faintly of urine... oh well I'll be there soon.

Here are some pictures from the trip:

Officials screening for influenza.

Leaving Cozumel on the ferry

Gringo on the ferry

Really blue water

Really turqoise water

Wooden handicrafts in Playa del Carmen
Sweet green alley in Playa

This is about as close as I got to X-caret.


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Tala Woodward said...

oh playa del carmen. i will visit you someday. *jealous*